Close-up of work in progress

Here are close-ups of the piece I'm working on right now. I laid out all the folds last night, now I'm starting to build up enough porcelain to take it off the mold without collapsing. This is a slow process, as each layer of porcelain must be applied very thin, so it doesn't obscure details or crack. At this point I've probably sunk about an hour and a half into the piece, there are many hours still required.

I really enjoyed putting the folds into this piece. I am always striving to give each piece a sense of movement and weightlessness. Working in the round can be somewhat tricky, I have to ensure it is visually pleasing and balanced from all angles.  Furthermore, I have a great deal of difficulty making these pieces appear natural, it takes a great deal of time to get all the folds just right.  That bit of trouble may be caused by the perfectionist in me.