Making new pieces.

After a month of inactivity(and unpacking) I have managed to set up a little work-space and have started making my first piece since graduation.  

In the image on the left you can see my initial set-up, I've got my slump mold set up and my porcelain mixed.  To make a piece I first cut out a piece of fabric from my giant bolt of muslin, which is an affordable, loose weaved cotton textile.  This piece is then dipped into porcelain slip that has been blended with paper-pulp.  The paper-pulp helps to reduce cracking as the piece drys.  

Once the fabric has been soaked in porcelain, and I'm sure the porcelain has been worked deep into the fabrics weave, I drape it out onto mold.  At this point I lay out all the folds and work out what the piece will look like.  This can be very messy.

From here I will have to build up enough porcelain that the piece can be taken off the mold and support itself.  That will be covered in a later post.